Before the actual production begins, analogue simulation technique is used to facilitate the calculation and optimization of the product design, shape, and mold forming process in the manufacturing process. Therefore, in the design of a new product or the manufacturing of various sheet metal parts, it is critical to know the characteristics of the sheet metal material used. Mastering the material characteristics helps to more reliably and effectively compare product differences and optimize the sheet forming process.

    Non-contact three-dimensional dynamic measurement and analysis system can analyze all mechanical characteristics and performance of materials under various test conditions. The system can be combined with various test benches and test machines according to the existing measurement environment. In the case of mechanical loads and thermal loads, the non-contact measuring probes can facilitate the measurement of full-field three-dimensional strain and deformation of both soft and hard materials. The non-contact measuring probes replace the traditional extensometers and strain gauges. The real-time three-dimensional surface deformation analysis system can more easily accomplish the same measurement tasks.