According to the requirements of different customers, various processing capabilities and processing performances can be realized on various production lines. At the same time, different processing schemes can also be selected for different processing materials. Fast and accurate response can be provided for processing applications. Powerful and precise processing schemes can be provided for a variety of applications with different cutting rates and processing requirements.

 X-Y-Z axis range: 6000-915-715 mm

 Maximum power: 75 kw (40%ED)

 Main shaft speed (maximum):20000 min-1

 Maximum torque: 280 Nm

 X-Y-Z axis acceleration (maximum): 11-12-17 m/s2

 Fast moving speed (maximum): 75 m/min

 Maximum milling capacity: 900 cm3/min

 Flexible and spacious processing area

 High milling capacity, and more powerful drive

 Lower single-piece processing costs

 High precision and perfect processing quality

 Stability, reliability, operation convenience, convenience for debugging and switching of new products

 Reasonable machine settings for convenience of maintenance