Non-contact optical measurement and full-field positioning systems use optical, non-contact methods to detect and analyze the shape (geometry) and appearance data of objects or environments in the real world. The collected data is often used for 3D reconstruction calculations to create a digital model of the actual object in the virtual world. These models have quite a wide range of uses, including industrial design, flaw detection, reverse engineering, robot guidance, geomorphology measurement, medical information, biological information, criminal identification, digital heritage collection, film production, game creation materials, etc. application.
      Non-contact optical measurement and full-field positioning systems are mainly divided into three-dimensional scanning module, full-field positioning module, quality detection software module, reverse software module, "in-machine detection" module and adaptive processing module. According to the actual technical requirements of customers, different modules can be selected to provide customers with complete system solutions.
◆ 16 million pixels with a resolution of 4896 x 3264 pixel
◆ single fastest measurement time: 1.2 seconds
◆ Raster Category: Digital Raster

◆ Measurement range:

 80:  81 x 54 x 40 mm³

 150: 145 x 97 x 80 mm³

 250: 274 x 193 x 160 mm³

 400: 382 x 254 x 200 mm³

 700: 656 x 437 x 400 mm³

 12001235 x 823 x 600 mm³

 Distance between pointsµm80/150/250/400/700/1200                  

                  16/ 30/ 56/ 78/ 134/ 252

◆ Laser locator: used to locate the measurement distance
◆ Temperature requirement: 0-40°C;
◆ Humidity requirement: 0%-80%;
◆ Power Requirements: 220V±10%
1) Outstanding measurement speed

     Based on industry-proven projection technology to achieve a new level of high-speed measurement performance. It enables the process of acquiring digitized data to be completed in 1.2 seconds, which is very important for measuring in a vibrating and harsh industrial environment. The latest computer hardware and software technologies used (parallel processing, 64-bit operating system and application software) accelerate the post-measurement data processing.

2) Highly accurate measurement accuracy
    The three-dimensional scanning module uses a blue-based projection grating. Unlike the conventional use of external projection methods, the projection of the grating is done directly by the projector of the 3D scanning module. This allows the display of high-precision gratings and thus high-precision measurement results. Combining proven camera photography technology ensures high-speed measurements and high-quality data.

3) Intelligent
    The projector of the 3D scanning module and the various use systems configured can be used remotely to ensure that the fully automatic measurement process is achieved, thereby improving the efficiency of the automatic measurement program. And it has a fully automatic matching function - pairing of related points without touching the projected grating by hand, and no object identification is required.

4) Stability
    The solid construction makes the 3D scanning module very stable, which enables it to be used over a wide temperature range, while the high-energy external light source further improves the temperature stability of the system. The system therefore ensures a high degree of reproduction of highly accurate measurements.