Non-contact three-dimensional dynamic measurement and analysis system uses digital image correlation technology, which is an algorithm that compares image correlation points. Through this method, the surface displacement and strain distribution of the object can be calculated. During the entire measurement process, only one imager with two industrial cameras can be used to take the image of the object under test before and after the deformation. After the calculation, the 3D field strain data distribution can be seen at a glance. It is also possible to accurately obtain the displacement, deformation, motion trajectory, and the like of the surface point of the object without attaching a sensor.
      Non-contact three-dimensional dynamic measurement analysis system can be widely used in various fields. For example: impact test, dynamic behavior of components, pneumatic test, dynamic load test, NVH, drop test, simulation verification, etc. In addition, after adding the strain measurement software module to the system, it has been widely used in research institutions and production companies because of its characteristics of non-contact, high precision, variety of test materials, wide measurement range, and visual and intuitive results. Testing, material property studies, FLC curve measurements, digital simulation verification, strength measurements, part relationship measurements, nonlinear behavior studies, and more.
      Non-contact three-dimensional dynamic measurement and analysis system is mainly divided into three-dimensional vibration measurement module, three-dimensional strain measurement module, modal analysis software module, exciter module and other parts. According to the actual technical requirements of customers, different modules can be selected to provide customers with complete system solutions.
◆ Measurement range from 10mm*8mm to 4000mm*3200mm
◆ Flash duration adjustable from 7.5μs to 500μs
◆ 8-channel analog interface (AD value)
◆ Resolution: 16 bits
◆ Camera Chip: 1 inch CMOS
◆ Independent signal triggering: optical isolation, optical sensor, manual trigger, event trigger (signal of time point, analog signal, external trigger)
◆ Sampling frequency: up to 100KHz
◆ 5m cable
◆ Special transfer cabinet
◆ Non-contact measurement is not limited by the shape and material type of the measured object.
◆ The sample being tested is easy to prepare, reducing the preparation time for the experiment, the testing process is simple and easy to operate, and the traditional complicated operation procedures are reduced.
◆ Fluorescent marking points, which can obtain a large number of data at one time. There is no limit to the number of tracking points, and the shooting frequency is independent of the number of marking points.
◆ You can customize the way of taking pictures, and you can choose according to your own actual situation, such as: light sensor, manual trigger, event trigger (time point, analog signal, external trigger signal) and other direct trigger camera.
◆ Record synchronous analog signals and record AD values and pictures synchronously.
◆ Low requirements for the surrounding environment. Measurements can be made in environments with low vibration or light.
◆ Easy to adapt to different complex measurement areas and measurement tasks.
◆ Two-dimensional and three-dimensional measurements can be made according to the customer's own needs.
◆ Can make global measurements
◆ High temperature measurement up to 1500°C
◆ High-speed measurement can be performed, the acquisition frequency can reach 4000Hz
◆ Measuring object size can range from a few millimeters to several meters
◆ High measurement accuracy, measurement accuracy of 0.01 to 0.05mm, and strain accuracy of 0.01%.
◆ Measure deformation from 0.01% to several 100%.
◆ High flexibility, the equipment has a fixed rolling pulley, and it is convenient to transfer measurement sites.